Welcome to Small College Basketball

Welcome to Small College Basketball

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Founder John McCarthy is pleased to announce the creation of Small College Basketball, an organization that will serve a niche within college basketball and will unite the NCAA Division II, NCAA Division III, NAIA, USCAA and NCCAA levels through its newly formed website and many other future platforms.

Through the creation of the Small College Basketball Hall of Fame, events, awards, the website and various forms of publicity, SCB will pay tribute, honor and promote college basketball players, coaches, contributors and alumni. Combined, these levels of college basketball account for nearly 1,200 colleges and universities throughout the United States.

“This is a proud day for me personally, and it’s a special day for all of those involved with the game of basketball at the small college levels,” said McCarthy. “This is the beginning of something special for our game. On a personal note, my vision is to use this platform to inspire people to spread kindness, seek happiness and follow their passion.”

“For years, I have been dreaming about doing something great for our game at the small college level, and today we take the next step in making this dream become a reality.  This is a thrilling day! I would like to thank all of those coaches that have encouraged and inspired me, and I’d like to thank all of the partners that have shown faith in me and in the concept of Small College Basketball, even before we actually existed.  Truly, I thank all of you.”

For a look at the newly launched Small College Basketball website, please click here.

“Small College Basketball is a wonderful vehicle to bring attention to all of the tremendous stories of success happening in Division II, Division III and NAIA basketball” said Gerald Holmes, Head Basketball Coach at Bloomfield College. “I salute and support Small College Basketball and its founder John McCarthy and I am very thankful for the attention that this platform brings to our world.”

SCB will feature three key members on its staff including McCarthy, Sports Information Director, Tyler Price and Director of Partnerships, Roger Palmer.

“There is no one who does more to spotlight small college basketball than John McCarthy,” said Josh Schertz, head men’s basketball coach at Lincoln Memorial. “His passion for basketball at all levels combined with his work ethic and connections make him the foremost authority on basketball regardless of division. John stands for all that is good in our sport, and gives a platform to so many players and coaches that otherwise would go unrecognized.”

“As Executive Director of the United States Collegiate Athletic Association USCAA, an organization dedicated to Leveling the Playing Field for America’s Small Colleges, I’m thrilled about the formation of Small College Basketball,” said Matthew Simms, Executive Director & CEO of the USCAA. “John McCarthy is the perfect person to lead this charge. As an administrator and tournament director at the small college level, he has been one of the top advocates in the country to promote the vast talents of student athletes at small colleges and put them on a national platform.  We look forward to the USCAA’s involvement with this organization and the notoriety it will bring to all of our country’s basketball talent.”

“Given the rich history of basketball within small colleges since Naismith founded the game and the role it has played in birthing several organizations, we applaud John and the vision for the launch of Small College Basketball,” said Dan Wood, NCCAA Executive Director.”


Contact: Tyler Price, Sports Information Director

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