Directors Cup Scoring Structure



This award is set forth to honor member institutions that excel in a wide range of men’s and women’s sports for which the USCAA offers championships.  The cup sets out to highlight the efforts of an athletic program to produce a vibrant program, diverse in its offerings, and who compete for national championships on a regular basis.

Value by Sport
Based on the adoption of the above philosophy, the Director’s Cup committee rewards points to institutions competing in any championship event recognized by the Executive Director of the USCAA. For all sports meeting championship criteria (6 teams or more), first place will be awarded 100 points.  (Point values differ for invitational events – shown above).

Top 20
The Director’s Cup committee will publish the top 20 ranking institutions.  All colleges and universities receiving points will be ranked on the USCAA website.

Point Determinations
Standings for the Director’s Cup will be based upon the size of the bracket. A minimum of twenty-five (25) points will be awarded to any team that competes in a championship and ten (10) to any team competing in an invitational.

Point Determinations - Bracket Sports
Points are determined based on the size of the bracket.  See chart for details.

Ties in non-bracket sports
When ties occur in non-bracket sports (i.e. golf, cross-country), the average of the places that each team occupies will be given to each of the teams in the tie.  For example, if two teams finish tied for 3rd and the points given for 3rd is 78 and the points given for 4th is 69, both teams will receive 73.5 points, the average of the two point totals (78+69/2 = 73.5).

If there is a tie between two teams after the final standings, the first tie breaker shall be number of national championship titles.  The second tiebreaker shall be the number of second place finishes by the institution and this process will continue until the tie is broken.

Point totals will count the same, regardless of division and will only differ if the number of teams present for a championship differs.

Championship Field Sizes
Field sizes are determined by the USCAA national office and tournament directors in setting the championships.

National Tournaments Only
All points are based on an institution’s participation and finish in the USCAA championships and invitationals.

Publication of Standings
USCAA Director’s Cup standings will be featured on the USCAA website. Updates are distributed to member institution’s athletic directors, coaches, players, media members, players, and fans.

Corrections to the Standings
If an error is found in the point totals, please contact Kevin Wegman in the USCAA national office via email or phone (703-577-7289).

Trophy Presentation
The presentation of the USCAA Director’s Cup will occur during the USCAA National Convention in June.  The award will be presented by a designated representative from the award’s sponsor company.  If there is no sponsor, or a representative is unable to attend, the Commissioner and President shall be responsible for the award presentation. 

Questions concerning the tabulation of points shall be directed to Kevin Wegman of the USCAA national office (703-577-7289).