Baseball and Softball All-American Information - Voting Closes May 1st

Baseball and Softball All-American Information - Voting Closes May 1st

The USCAA will be utilizing PrestoSports' online awards platform for nominating and voting for USCAA baseball and softball All-American nominations. Coaches can log into the system beginning on April 16th to nominate their student-athletes in baseball and softball for All-American consideration. Below you will find instructions on how to access and use the system.


To log into the system, click this link. Your login credentials is the same login institution’s use for reporting and Player of the Week nominations. If you are having issues with your user name or password contact [email protected]. If you are having any other problems with the system please contact PrestoSports at [email protected].

All-American Nomination Instructions

Once you login, you will be able to see all the available nomination categories.  Click 'nominate' on the respective award you wish to submit (men’s or women’s basketball). You will then choose your team from the drop down menu. If your team is not shown, please upload your roster into PrestoSports. From here you will see your players and their cumulative yearly stats. The stats shown are based off of your reporting submissions. Click the select button on the left hand side corresponding to the player you wish to nominate. Please nominate as follows.

Baseball: Four nominations per team will be accepted

Softball: Four nominations per team will be accepted

Please see the timeline below for when nominations close and voting begins.

All-American Voting Instructions

As announced during the 2013 National Convention, the USCAA will be offering coaches the opportunity to vote on nominations for USCAA All-Americans this year. At the conclusion of the nomination process coaches will be able to log back into the system where they will have the option to vote on the nominations for their sport.

After selecting the option to vote on an award, user will see the name of each nominated player on the left hand side of the screen. To vote for a player users will need to drag that player’s name into the box on the right that correspond to the level in which they are choosing to vote that player for. The levels of voting are First-Team All-American, Second-Team All-American, Honorable Mention All-American (notated in the system as Third-Team All-American) and unranked for player’s voters do not feel is deserving of All-American at this time. Voters should vote using the following structure.


15 First-Team All-Americans

15 Second-Team All-Americans

15 Honorable Mention All-Americans


15 First-Team All-Americans

15 Second-Team All-Americans

15 Honorable Mention All-Americans

**Important Note: For your votes to count, you MUST vote 15 First-Team All-Americans, 15 Second-Team All-Americans, and 15 Honorable Mention All-Americans. If you do not submit votes for 45 players your vote will be voided.

When you are finished please click vote on the upper right hand corner to formally submit your selections. To see supporting information on a given nominee voters can click show details next to the nominee’s name. On the display that follows voters will see the player’s name, class standing, position, coaches’ rank, and their cumulative season statistics to consider in their votes.

Timeline (all times EST)

April 16th – Nomination process opens for baseball and softball All-Americans

April 24th @ 11:00 PM – Nomination process closes

April 28th @ 9:00 AM - All-American voting begins

May 1st @ 11:00 PM – All-American voting closes