USCAA, Athlete Network Ink Partnership to Provide $10,000 Scholarship

USCAA, Athlete Network Ink Partnership to Provide $10,000 Scholarship

The USCAA and Athlete Network formally struck a deal that provides the opportunity for a male and female student-athlete to win a $5,000 scholarship for the 2017-2018 academic year. Athlete Network provides student-athletes across the country the opportunity to harness their competitive edge into the workplace. Through their exclusive network, student-athletes gain access to major employers such as KPMG, Johnson & Johnson, and more.

“The USCAA is placing a tremendous amount of value on helping their student-athletes beyond their playing days,” said Athlete Network Vice President of College & Business Development, DJ Washington. “Athletes often think that they don’t have the necessary work experience to find meaningful employment after graduation, but what they don’t realize is that they have valuable traits every company is looking for in their new hires. They are competitive, team-oriented, driven, focused, and so much more. We are thrilled to partner with the USCAA and work with them to highlight their student-athletes in front of our partners such as Disney/ESPN, Stryker, Enterprise, Northwestern Mutual and more.”

In addition to the scholarship offering, Athlete Network is the “Official Career Center of the USCAA” and a supporting sponsor at all USCAA National Championships. The move to formalizing this relationship is a natural fit as it fits within the USCAA mission to level the playing field for USCAA student-athletes.

“This is a true win-win for the USCAA, its member institutions, and Athlete Network,” states USCAA Executive Director Matthew Simms. “The goal of the USCAA extends beyond the playing surface.  As a national governing body, we must be mindful not only of the student-athlete’s matriculation towards graduation, but also to what comes afterward. We believe in the Athlete Network mission, of providing a client base of reputable employers who are actively seeking to employ student-athletes. This network provides student-athletes the opportunity to highlight their achievements in their sport, in the classroom, and in their communities, and in doing so puts them as top candidates in their field of choice. Furthermore, this opportunity presents the first nation-wide scholarship contest fielded by the USCAA or its partners.”

Details are forthcoming with specifics regarding the scholarship timeline and its implementation. Specifically, the USCAA must secure 1,000 student-athlete-profiles before the scholarship can go into effect. The USCAA is urging its athletic directors to have all-student-athlete meetings.  The USCAA will provide each college with bullet-point highlights with steps on how to enter the scholarship contest.


The United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA) is a national organization that exists to provide quality athletic competition on a national level.  The USCAA focuses specifically on smaller institutions of higher learning and their student-athletes. The association believes that all athletes and programs deserve the same national opportunities as larger institutions.  We are the organization that provides those opportunities.


Athlete Network was founded with a simple mission - create an online community where athletes can fuel their driven lifestyle. Athlete Network works to keep athletes competing in every aspect of their lives by uniting them in one network.  They provide athletes with online tools to network with fellow athletes and the most efficient access to employers that embrace their competitive mindset and push it to higher levels.  Visit for more information.