New USCAA Email Address

New USCAA Email Address

In the continued transition to the new National Office the USCAA has announced the creation of a new primary email address for members to contact the National Office Staff.

The newly created [email protected] email account will now serve as the primary email address for the organization.  As we continue to make these transitions [email protected] email account will no longer be operational after February 1, 2011.  Please send all emails from henceforward to the [email protected] account!

If you would like confirmation that the email has been received please indicate so in the text of the email.  The National Office will respond to your request between 9AM and 3PM EST Monday through Friday. 

Below is a list of the National Office staff and their contact information:






Bill Casto

Executive Director


[email protected]

Matthew Simms

Associate Director


[email protected]

Ben Wilda

Coordinator of Operations


[email protected]

Brian Lang

Coordinator of Marketing/Events


[email protected]

Jim Heath

Sports Information Director


[email protected]

Tim Anstett

USCAA Statistician

248-543-5820 (Voice or Fax)

[email protected]