Dallas Baseball involved with Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation

Dallas Baseball involved with Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation

Led by head coach Fraser Holmes, eight members of the University of Dallas (UD) baseball team traveled to Dr. Pepper Youth Ballpark in Arlington, Texas, to team up with Major League Baseball (MLB) and Reviving Baseball in Inner-cities (RBI) at the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation's clinic on Saturday, Oct. 30. 

The free clinic, which was held prior to Game 3 of the World Series, played host to 200-plus young persons predominately between the ages of 8-13. The youngsters were treated to an array of baseball-related activities by current and former MLB players, members of UD Baseball, and among others, to hitting and fielding drills, in addition to a home-run derby. 

To conclude the clinic, Orlando Hudson -- second baseman for the Minnesota Twins -- held a question and answer session for those on hand. 


About the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation -- The Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation's clinics are an opportunity for deserving young people from across the country to come together to learn baseball fundamentals while developing life-long character traits that will help them on the path to success. 

All Foundation programs are designed on Cal, Sr.'s philosophy that, "everything you do in baseball you do in life, and everything you do in life you do in baseball." The ball field becomes a perfect place to teach those life lessons that will help young people become not only successful in the game of baseball, but also in the game of life. Lessons such as teamwork, leadership, respect, communication, developing good life habits, and making good choices apply to life both on and off the baseball field. 

For more on the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation, visit: http://www.ripkenfoundation.org/