2015 All-USCAA Football Team Honorees

2015 All-USCAA Football Team Honorees

The USCAA is happy to announce the 2015 All-USCAA Football team.  A total of 25 first-team selections, 19 second team selections and five honorable mention honorees were recognized for their outstanding 2015 seasons.  

First Team Offense

Second Team Offense

QB: Caleb Huss, Sr., Iowa Wesleyan

Ben Wilkerson, Sr., Alfred State

RB: Dustin Hiner, Fr., Apprentice School


RB: Ethan Bryce, So., Apprentice School


WR: Jeremy Gomez, Jr., Iowa Wesleyan

Romiio Littlejohn, Fr., Alfred State

WR: Khris Greggs, Jr., Alfred State

Quinton Phillips, Fr., Apprentice School

WR: Josh Ashley, Jr., Alfred State

Trinton Robinson, Fr., Iowa Wesleyan

TE: Alvin Goodwyn, Sr., Apprentice School


OL: Nick Huys, So., Iowa Wesleyan

Jeff Andrews, Fr., Alfred State

OL: James Guilin, Jr., Williamson

Dakota Dowd, So., Iowa Wesleyan

OL: Bryan Ransom, Jr., Apprentice School

Dominic Marascio, Jr., Williamson

OL: Gino Saunders, Sr., Apprentice School

Kekoa Haina-Scott, Fr., Apprentice School




LB: John Garbowski, Sr., Alfred State

Andrew Terrell,  So., Iowa Wesleyan

LB: Travis Harris, Sr., Apprentice School

Nate Daniels, Sr., Iowa Wesleyan

LB: Nick DiGati, Sr., Williamson

Kenneth Nelson, Jr., Alfred State

DL: Akiven Williams, Jr., Apprentice School

John Lauretti, So., Alfred State

DL: General Brown, Sr., Apprentice School

 Christian Henriksen, So., Iowa Wesleyan

DL: Ryan Ransom., Jr., Apprentice School


DL: Michael Vega, Sr., Williamson


DB/S: Ryan Gerleman, Sr., Iowa Wesleyan

Darryl Smith, Jr., Iowa Wesleyan

DB/S: Steven Hubick, Jr., Alfred State

Samir Inge, Sr., Williamson

DB/S: Deveron Lucas, Sr., Apprentice School

John Jackson, Fr., Apprentice School

DB/S: Antonio Penn, Jr., Iowa Wesleyan

Chris Monteiro, So., Alfred State


Special Teams

Special Teams 

K: Zack Goodwin, Jr., Alfred State

Austin Wall, So., Apprentice School

P: Brenden O'Neil, Fr., Apprentice School


RS: Bryson Oliver, Fr., Iowa Wesleyan

Lou Picolo, Fr., Apprentice School

Honorable Mention

John Teats, So., DB, Apprentice School

Michael Scott, So., LB, Apprentice School

Raequan Norman, Jr., LB, Williamson

Bryce Scott, So., WR, Apprentice School

Justin Verditti, Jr., WR, Williamson